Reinventing Community

The Trendsetter Pointe Project is poised to be a 5-acre Live-Work-Play-Shop development, catering to a cross-section of patrons, employees and residents, while empowering an underserved community creating jobs, expanded tax base, and extraordinary positive visibility. Detroit Future Trends is expecting over 400 jobs to be created throughout construction and the operations of all of the project components. 

The design of Trendsetter Pointe will be highlighted and highly regarded for its pedestrian friendly appeal.  Research has shown that people in the area of the proposed development (consistent with the national trend) seek more opportunities to park, walk, see and spend in a quality, "open-air," pedestrian-safe environment.  By creating a development that has a "Main Street" design and offers entertainment, shopping, restaurants, mid to upscale residences, Class A office space, quaint waters features with sitting areas.

Detroit Future Trends seeks not only to exceed the expectation of this community, with the development of Trendsetter Pointe, but to create several revenue producing components, ensuring considerable returns on investment.