Education in New Detroit

Previously parents were struggling to get a suitable school for the education of their child in the city of Detroit. There were no good schools or colleges. Even the students have to travel a long distance to attend a school.

But today, Detroit has become a high choice city. Family can get a chance to select from a large number of charter schools, magnet schools, and district schools and various public and private schools and other educational institutes. Even it is having nine post secondary institutions.

The largest school in Detroit is the Wayne State University, a university that comprises of 28,000 students. Apart from this, another university is University of Detroit Mercy which is a religious affiliated institute located in Detroit.  It is highly known for its high academic standards as well as various nursing and physician assistant program. According to the 2016 U.S. News and World Report, University of Detroit Mercy ranked 23rd among all the regional universities present in the Midwest. Some of the other universities located in the city of Detroit include Mary Grove College, College of creative studies, Sacred Heart Major Seminary and Focus Hope Information technology centre.

According to a report by the Education Trust Midwest the quality of education of Michigan is also declining day by day. Previously in the year 2003, Michigan was having a rank of 28th in the nation according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress but now it has reached a rank of 41st. Thus, the Education Trust Midwest is thinking to make Michigan a top ten state of education by the year 2030.

In United States, the standard of education is set by the school boards, who have the power over each and every school district. Funding is usually done by the local, state and federal government as well as private sources. 

Among the total number of students attending K-12 schools it has been found out that 87% of the students attend public schools, 10% attend private schools and 3% of them attend home school. Apart from schools, there are a wide range of publicly and privately administered institutions for higher education. Thus, with a large number of education options in US, it is sure that students can find the right fit for their academic, financial and personal requirements.