In order to progress as a people, we have to understand and embrace our past to make our future a better place to be.
— Chico Sorrell, founder


Detroit Future Trends is the vision of educator and community leader Chico F. Sorrell, a lifetime Detroiter.  Sorrell and his family are dedicated to the City of Detroit and its burgeoning growth, and have enlisted neighbors & fellow Detroiters, both current and former, to launch Detroit Future Trends.  He has also tapped various business experts throughout the country to assist with laying the groundwork for Detroit's revitalization. Sorrell grew up in the Downtown Detroit area, and that's where his first focus will be: reviving the McDougall-Hunt, Black Bottom and Paradise Valley neighborhoods with the Trendsetter Pointe project.

A Graduate of Detroit Public School, Sorrell received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Howard University in Washington DC and Master's in Administration Education from the University of Detroit Mercy.  A member of Detroit Board of Education since 1991, Sorrell teaches U.S. History and Economics. Additionally, he has been instrumental in developing mentoring programs for at-risk inner city children.  Sorrell is the proud father of three sons, Nico, Nicai and Nas Sorrell.